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This month's sale is before and during Lughnasadh/ Lammas from 07/25/2022-08/01/2022

Image by Cat Crawford


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At Mimetaphysical we strive to provide high-quality metaphysical products at a reasonable price. We are happy you visited our site today. Enjoy!

Image by Clay Banks

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Our Collections


Altar Supplies

Altar Supplies for your table. Incense, candles, cauldrons, and much more is available. 

Dream Catcher Wood Box.jpg

Boxes and Chests

Boxes and chests to contain all your herbs, crystals, and more. 

blue star chime holder.jpg

Candle Holders

Holders for ritual candles. 

tree of life chalice.jpg


Chalices for moon water or drinking rituals.

FC50AL-50mm Alexandrite gazing ball.jpg

Crystal Balls

Crystal gazing balls that allow the reader to see into the future.

GLAMED-Amethyst Druse lamp.jpg


Metaphysical décor for all types of household needs.

ISNAGM-Nag Champa incense sticks 40gm.jpg


Incense to burn and represent the element air.

RPSANTN-Anti Nightmare pocket spellbottle.jpg

Jars and Containers

Jars and containers for a variety of ritual needs.

SS793-16 Speculum wall mirror.jpg


Mirrors for mirror gazing or decor.

GPWOC-Wooden pendulum with Chamber.jpg


Pendulums used for a variety of divination practices.

love travel altar.jpg

Spell and Travel Kits

Spell and travel kits equipped with a variety of supplies. Spell bottles premade are available. 

WTRASS-60 dia Assorted Design tapestry (mixed colors).jpg


Tapestries to hang in your house.

WT77SG-Sun God tapestry 72 x 108.jpg

Art and Posters

Check out a variety of art, posters, and a variety of tapestries.

celestial moon bells.jpg


Bells to chime for all your rituals needs or witches bells to hand on doors.

ICBR33-brass cauldron.jpg


Click here to edit the text and include the information you would like to feature.

WTLST15-Mood Goddess Top Black.jpg


Clothing for ritual wear available here.

GGAC4-3.0-4.0# Geode Amethyst C cut.jpg


Crystals for all your divination, altar, and ritual needs. A variety of tumbled, raw, and geo shaped crystals.

Image by Viva Luna Studios


Divination tools are here for all your fortune telling needs.

ouija planchette incense burner.jpg

Incense Holders

Incense holders for a variety of incense types.



Journals for making a grimoire or book of shadows.

OD0073-ethnic symbols oil diffuser.jpg


Essential oils for a variety of different needs.

chakra rune set.jpg


Runes used for a variety of divination practices.

FWH017-Fatima Flower Evil Eye wall hanging New Design_edited.jpg


Symbols to strengthen different types of intentions. 

DQUATAR-Quantum tarot by Kay Stopforth & Chris Butler.jpg

Tarot Cards

Tarot Card for divination practices. 

RA74DX-Two Tone athame.jpg


Click here for to shop our selection of Athames for all of your ritual needs.



Candles to burn during rituals and represent the element fire.

FW7542-9 Ankh windchime.jpg


Windchimes and witches bells selection.

RB2953-14 x 16 Cat jute tote bag.jpg

Clothing Accessories

Clothing accessories such as bags and backpacks.

RPMTHOC-8x12 Hamsa pendulum mat.jpg

Crystal Grids

Crystal grids for geometric shapes with crystals. 

EP9HE-9 Herbs poster.jpg


Herbal supplies for ritual needs.

JR9003-(set of 3) adjustable Quartz rings.jpg


Jewelry with a metaphysical twist. A variety of symbols and crystals are featured in our jewelry selection.

LM533UF-3 Pentagram mortar and pestle set.jpg

Mortar and Pestle 

Mortal and Pestle used for grinding different herbal supplies.

DELEORA-Elemental Oracle by Stacey Demarco.jpg

Oracle Card

Oracle cards to give you a uplifting divination view.

SH852-Hera 9.jpg


Statues to honor different deities. Use on you altar or decorate your house.

altar tablew.jpg


Tables for your altar needs.

blonde elf wand.jpg


Wands for a variety of metaphysical rituals. 

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